Turnout Guide

Ivy House Showing

This is a guide to the correct showing attire for each class although you may see variations on other competitors and you should check show schedule and society’s rules.







  LEG WEAR                   


Show Ponies, SRT, Hacks,P/B Arab 

Men-Bowlers, Ladies and Children-Navy Riding Hat        

 Brown/Tan/Corn Leather & Cane

Men Tweed, Ladies/Children Navy


White/Coloured toning with Tie and Coloured Browband

 Men-Fawn/Buff, Ladies/Children-Cream/Canary/ Beige 

Adults-Long Black Boots, Children-Jodphur Boots

Show Hunter Pony, Riding Horse, SHT, Hunter, Worker, Cob, Trad-Coloured, M&M

Men-Bowlers, Ladies and Children- Colour toning with Jacket

Brown/Tan/Corn Leather & Malacca/Leather Cane



White/Coloured toning with Tie

Subtle colours/ patterns

Not red in hunter classes.

Men-Fawn/Buff, Ladies/Children-Cream/Canary/ Beige

Adults-Long Black Boots, Adults riding small M&Ms and Children-Jodphur Boots

Non-Trad Coloured, Pure Bred Arab

Men-Bowlers, Ladies and Children-Colour toning with Jacket

Brown/Tan/Corn Leather & Malacca/Leather Cane


Tweed-No, Navy- Yes

White/Coloured toning with Tie

Men-Fawn/Buff, Ladies/Children-Cream/Canary/ Beige

Adults-Long Black Boots, Children-Jodphur Boots


Ladies Bowler Hat and Veil and Bun (Top Hat

Plain Leather Gloves and Whip/Cane

    Navy/Black or Tweed

 Tweed-No, Black/Navy- Yes

Subtle shirt & Tie complemented by Yellow/Buff/ Tattersall Waistcoat

Same colour as

Long Black-one dummy spur


 at County Shows) Children Velvet covered Riding Hat




Yellow/Buff/ Tattersall Waistcoat


 Jodphur Boots


Ladies -Trilby or Hard Hat, Men-Bowlers with Dark Suits otherwise a Trilby or Flat Cap

      Gloves & Malacca/Leather Cane

 Tweed (Men may wear Dark Suits at large shows)


White/Coloured toning with Tie and Coloured Browband if worn.

Smart Trousers or Cords

Comfortable Boots or Shoes


International Aabian Classes require handlers to wear all white and it is usual to carry a schooling whip







Lead Rein Attendants

Ladies should wear a smart outfit and simple hat with Gloves and a Cane which complements the turnout of both jockey and pony.

A comfortable pair of shoes is a must as some of the rings are very large.

Gentlemen should wear a smart Dark Coloured suit and Bowler or Tweed Jacket andTrilby or matching Flat Cap which complements both jockey and pony with the choice of shirt and tie.






Should be smart, ideally wearing a tidy Jacket, Shirt, Tie and

Trousers or Jods with a smart Hat/Cap or Hard Hat






British Show Horse “Dress Code” for Riding Horses, Hacks and Cobs, Side-Saddle (incl Evening Performance) weblink: http://www.britishshowhorse.org/images/stories/2009/dresscode.pdf

British Show Pony Society Tack and Turnout rules (pages 12-13) weblink: http://www.britishshowponysociety.co.uk/BSPSHandbook2010.pdf

Native Pony Breed Showing & Trimming Rules weblink: http://www.nativeponiesonline.co.uk/showingrules.html


TIPS - Make immaculate turnout a priority.

Show jackets that are too short can make a pony’s back appear longer.

Prevent jodphurs riding up by using jodphur clips or sew in some broad elastic that matches the jodphur boots.

Long boots should be worn as far up to the knee as will still allow free movement, not calf length. Garter straps should be worn pointing out, they are not worn with dressage boots. Spurs (including dummy spurs) should be worn in all adult classes except for Intermediates and M&Ms.

When choosing trousers for the in-hand classes, it is better for the judge to see the horse’s movement if you wear a dark pair if your horse has light coloured legs and a pale coloured pair if the legs are dark.

Keep wet wipes in your grooming kit when you are waiting to enter your class, they have many uses including; a last minute boot clean when it’s dusty, children’s grubby faces, gloves, ponies noses and eyes, dark knees and hocks, bottoms.

To secure your number use elastic that matches your jacket and tie loops at each end to go over the waist height button on the front of your jacket.